Is Microsoft lying about selling 3 million?

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No, my console isn't dead last! haha

Wow.. This is sad.
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I've been saying this as well. If you look at numbers they just don't add up honestly. But I guess we will see.

The numbers to make sense. People are underestimating XBOne's US presence and the amount of marketing they have in the US. People just assume that the XBOne has done well in the US because people couldn't get a PS4. If this idea was true, then we would have at minimum seen this occur in the UK since US and UK consumers are very similar yet XBOne is considerably further behind the PS4 in the UK than it is in the US yet PS4 supply is most definitely more constrained in the UK than it is in the US.

This is the reason why MS is only in 13 regions. 1) MS did not want to be supply constrained 2) MS has traditionally been complete idiots in terms of marketing their merch outside of the US and one can strike that up for MS having a pompous attitude.

So if you take into consideration the type of company MS is, their traditional failure to really care about markets outside of the US, their limited regions availability, yeah, MS is going to sell considerably fewer consoles than Sony does overall in terms of worldwide sales. Itís also obvious why thereís no XBOne supply constraint, because the XBOne is in 13 regions vs Sonyís 56 regions. None of this is rocket science so I donít understand why the conspiracy theorists canít figure out the simple logic which is very visibly in front of them.
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Lmao at some of these responses. People act like I came here and said Microsoft was lying about there numbers. I asked a question and wanted to see what others think so now I'm a fanboy or a pony lol.
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Let's see, has Microsoft recently lied about sales of any of it's other products?,23875.html

So did they learn from this or is it still "Business as usual" over at MS?
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When they revealed numbers for the xbone sales before they did not make sense. M$ thinks lying about the numbers will make there console look good and sell more of them.
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It's only a lie for those that desperately want it to be.
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Lmao at some of these responses. People act like I came here and said Microsoft was lying about there numbers. I asked a question and wanted to see what others think so now I'm a fanboy or a pony lol.

Do you think you were invisible in the other 2 threads, before you made this, that you were in saying Microsoft lies about numbers and that you dont believe them ? lol
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MS lies all the time.

And Sony does no wrong right? Because I recall Sony holding off telling me and everyone else that our credit card information got stolen by hackers for almost a week. But they gave us a choice of 4 games for free after PSN was down for over a month, so we just brush that off like it never happened right?

DREs across multiple systems with outright accusation that it was the customer's fault being standard procedure?

But of course, since we're discussing which company lies and accusations of who has engaged in shady information collecting have been tossed around in this thread; I think this one should be tossed on the table...

When you need to go 7 years into the past to try to make a case? That's a sign you need to switch gears. Note, the Sony camp isn't bringing up:

Which ended up being settled out of court and likely if it had stayed in court would have resulted in Microsoft being cut up into a slew of smaller companies.
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