Your reaction: MS make backwards compatibility free on XB1, while Sony charges.

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Jedi454 posted...
for theirs and makes you have a fast internet connection just to do it.
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Unless I missed something TC....

Get back to us after this actually happens. Sony at least giving the option (even if having to pay for it) is still a leg up on not doing anything at all (in regards to backwards compatibility).
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Not possible. Neither console has the architecture for it, and the reason you can do it on PS4 is because it is a game streaming service that requires you to pay. And I doubt MS would implement a similar system that lets you play old games for free.
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Back to the actual hypothetical question (which very few of you seem to grasp)... if I could insert 360 discs into my One, that would be awesome in the short-run because the One library is kind of lacking right now. I've been playing games from my 360 backlog lately.

If it were a free streaming service I wouldn't use it because ISPs in Canada rule with an iron fist. I'd probably hit my cap quite easily.

Either way, once the One library grows I don't really care for BC. Plus I still have my 360 so this whole thing is moot to me.
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Would never happen.
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BeefEaster posted...
MS doing something for free???


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Yet again, this entire thread is pointless because theoreticals have to be based in reality or even a slight possibility of occurring.

As an owner of the 360 since 2006 and a used Bone for a month, here's my experience: Microsoft does NOTHING for free. Everything useful about its gaming platforms are trapped behind a paywall.

The delusional OP might as well ask what the reaction would be if the entire oil industry lowered gas prices to $.99 permanently and it would be just as pointless because it wouldn't happen in a million years.
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lol @ paywall. Most gamers will have XBL anyway, so it isn't really trapped behind anything. If you are getting a video game system just for offline games, the apps shouldn't matter. If you want to use Netflix, I'm pretty sure you have other options to access it. No one is putting a gun to your head to get Xbox Live.
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ivanhellsing posted...
BeefEaster posted...
MS doing something for free???


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I own a 360 so I can care less.
I still don't want the Kinect.