Tomb raider in a couple days

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BigLongDowner posted...
hardinm78 posted...
i didnt buy it last gen, so probably.

Same here. I probably won't buy it at full price, wait until I can pick it up for $30-40.

It is worth every bit of 60 dollars. I have never enjoyed a TR game before. This game is just.. a roller coaster ride of excitement.

The new TR was such a surprise to me. I think that the game should have sold better, but too many people wanted to wait until it went on sale.

I'm not saying you have to, but I would support the people who created this game.
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It def looks better. I'll buy it when price comes down. Played it on 360 and was one of my favorite games I've played and would love to play it again on next gen.
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I'll buy it when its on sale.

I bought the CE last time, but sold it. Got all the achievements, but I would play it again.
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Yeah I think I'm liking the consensus...I never played it but after watching the video I'm thinking of purchasing it for my digital library...of course this means I can't play theif or plants v zombies to be me