Evolve Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed...Why should I preorder when we haven't

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even seen gameplay of the game yet? Their's only a few games that I would Preorder without seeing gameplay which would be Fallout 4, Halo, GTA6, RDR, alright their will be a lot but if it's a new IP why should I preorder it without gameplay? Why not save this when they actually show the gameplay then announce the preorder bonus. Good news it the game is releasing this year though, so hopefully it will turn out good.
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It's tempting to preorder now since I have a lot of faith in Turtle Rock and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting this game anyway, but yeah...need some gameplay first
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I wouldn't pre order anything from anyone working with 2k after the broken game the gave xb1 owner in nba 2k14. I own both systems and ps4 2k playes fine. Xb1 version should get a lawsuit. They have lost my trust.
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I never pre-order anything anymore. Been burned too many times.
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