Bloody Roar

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shads3055 posted...
that company hat made Killer Instinct should have made bloody roar. that would have been better. I like KI but I never heard of the game till it came to xbox one I don't ever remember seeing it or playing it back in the arcade days before you went to see a movie. or something

Really? You've never heard of Killer Instinct before the latest release? That's wild. But, I think it did come out at a time where arcades were starting to die. But, I still remember that game vividly from the arcades. Though, I never really liked it that much.
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KingTykeem187 posted...
I liked playing with Shena if thats her name. I forgot her name and what beast she turned into. >.>

She was a Leopard, cheetah? My favorites were the chameleon man and the mole fella
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That Mole dude i think was the fast one that does like the spins moves and fast jabs. I think she was a Leopard. I always loved knocking people of the stage. Some reason that never got old for me.
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Shina is still one of the characters I'm most attracted to.

You know, furry stuff aside.
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