Am I the only one who likes any first person game?

#1Hidan623Posted 1/15/2014 11:53:25 AM
I have come to realize I will buy any first person game that comes out on the xbox one......I don't know why but first person calls to me no matter the genre.....when I herd about thief all the screen shots i saw was showing the assassin or whatever you're playing as so I assumed it was in 3rd person and was not even going to try it then i saw the game is first person and that made me instantly want it, and then i saw the elder scrolls online and they said in a conference the game was made to be played 3rd person and i was about to click out lol then it said BUT the entire game can be played first person lol if they forced 3rd person on a game bethesda had their name on they probably would lose a lot of people haha i assume majority of people play fallout and elder scrolls in first person lol