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2 years ago#1
Ok I know you get cheevo's for apps now like the NFL app by doing certain things but is there anyway to see how many achievements you have over all like on the 360?like on my 360 they show that I have 3324/4783 overall but on the X1 there is no way to see how many you have,because if it does not show up then the app achievements are even more worthless then they all ready where,they need to fix or over haul how they track achievements,it's sad that the 360 is so much better when showing off your achievements and hope its the 2nd thing they fix after party chat,thanks for any info.
2 years ago#2
App achievements don't count towards gamerscore but I don't think it will tell you how many achievements you can have total based on what apps/games you've used.
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2 years ago#3
I know all about that but there is no way to see overall achievements not gamerscore,on the the 360 they show totals for both,challenges are counted as a achievement as well even though it should be in it's own class like it should be like this when looking at it.

Gamer Score 72,035/109,880
Achievements 3388/4869
Challenges 23/67

Instead we get are normal gamer score but cheevo's and challenges are lumped together and with no way to see you're totals,it's a mess and needs fixed,challenges are really cool though I will admit,nothing is better then getting in game items but completing them.
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