Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Walmart preorder booster pack redeem help

#1CrownedOne03Posted 1/17/2014 4:36:59 AM
I've never preordered a game from Walmart before so I need some help.

I bought one of the preorder cards at my local Wal Mart...I redeemed the code for the $4.99 Vudu credit. There is also a item code on the back. Is this to get the 2 booster packs that are supposed to come with the game? How do I redeem that code, if that is what it is for? When I enter that code it says it's not valid (also has an additional 4 characters on the card that there isn't room to input it into the website's code redemption space) If that isn't what it is for, will the booster packs come with the game when I pick it up on release day?