When are we gonna get a proper Star Trek game?

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aszsith posted...
As a lifelong Trekkie (or Trekker if you prefer the correct nomenclature) I have wanted a PROPER Star Trek game for a LONG time. Not some crappy movie tie-in. Not some janky fps. Not some Isometric space combat game.

I want a full on Mass Effect or KOTOR style Star Trek console game where you go from planet to planet, battling your way through space to get there, go on away missions and a the whole nine yards.

Preferably it would be a series with each new game following a different crew/time period. For instance, Game 1 is Original Series territory. Game 2 is TNG/DS9. Game 3 is a time travel loop mixing both together and re-writing history in classic Star Trek fashion.

In lieu of that, I'd gladly take a Telltale PAC adventure with the property. While I'm getting a little tired of their current art style, they do craft fantastic stories.

I'd buy that game full collectors edition, DLC and everything related to it.

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Yes, when are we going to get a Star Trek Danceoff game? final boss is Mr. Data & Kirk tag team.
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