help the x1 once again does not do what they said ?>

#1godslayer61Posted 1/17/2014 1:04:57 PM
They said you can turn off your console then jump back to your game as soon as you get back on but for me and at least 4 friends it does not work. So we start up and go back to play the game and you can see it on the dash right were you left it but as soon as you go to play the game it pops a message a different user signed in the game it will restart the game now and that is bull because there is only one user on my system me and yet this happens to me every time .
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#3squarex8264Posted 1/17/2014 1:11:15 PM
1) Do you have the "instant resume" option enabled under Power settings in the Settings app? Games won't pick up where they left off unless you have this enabled.

2) The option doesn't seem to work with all games, but it does for a lot of them that I have tried. The option under setting is currently marked as "BETA", which implies not every game took advantage of it. However, I can confirm that Dead Rising 3 and Ryse have both started up exactly where I left off after putting the system in standby, and resuming the game from the large tile.

3) Your system is in standby, right?
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