Major Nelson - Stop hating Xbox One. We will sell a ton.

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I notice a lot of your posts, believe it or not. It seems like you love to start arguments, lol. Do you have an xbox #1, excuse me, xbone? It's just a console/entertainment system like the 360 was to me. It's not my life man.

I enjoy coming to the forums, but if you look at my posts, I often talk about games. Sometimes I correct people, for instance, if you look at the thread about Xbox crushing Wii-U or whatever, I corrected someone who was spreading false facts.

Gaming has been my hobby, but I am seeing more low brow people that come across as bitter. That is not why gaming became my hobby. If I ever become that jaded over Sony vs MS vs Nintendo and start going on another thread to start arguments, I will probably just jump off a tall building.

I made a thread on the PS4 about people 240 people staring at a couple sleeping. It was not to take a shot at the PS4, it was just a funny story. I have nothing against Sony. I owned a PS1, PS2, and PS3. I wish I had enough money to have bought both systems like some people here, but I have bills. Car payments, a mortgage(I am a home owner, not renter), and just general bills. I like to come on here to discuss games. If you were to ask me my honest opinion about the Xbox One, I will happily name the pros AND the negatives. I never want to be like some of the people here, who are obsessed with bashing a console. I do not want to see one console, because competition is needed. Madden is a prime example.

So for future reference, stop coming across as a jaded dude. Whether or not you like to xbox one plays no factor to me, I feel blessed to have one. Not everyone can, and I am truly grateful.
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yeah i didn't read that...
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I agree with Major Nelson, people shouldn't argue over which console is best, just enjoying gaming.

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will "sell a ton," so you shouldn't waste your time bickering with one another about platform superiority, Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has argued.
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I actually like major but am become more and more disgusted by microsoft's politics, their big brother government bed-sharing, and as a gamer who was a Microsoft fanboy, it's hard to watch them trade off power for weaker hardware to appease a casual market and a gimmick, their over-prioritizing of making it into a media center, and it's been one ****ty decision after another with GFWL, WP8 gaming, and now the crap casual games that glut Windows 8.
They'll sell a ton but could sell 5 tons if they didn't compromise the Xbox brand so dramatically let alone their practices
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I agree with everything me Nelson said. Also why are people trying to spin this into something negative when it's not. Man I guess people just live to hate I understand many of you are still butthurt and salty over e3 thing but there was nothing bad he said most if which was true. Glad both are selling well he even praise wii u which is basically a nostalgia mechine where Nintendo sells nostalgia. But you guys have your opinions so yeah.
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Both consoles are stale and don't have anywhere near the 'wow factor' as previous generations. "We're all selling fine. Stop worrying about the industry!" Hmmmm
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benjimain posted...
Lol he's changed his tune from when the 360 was clearly winning.

This is nothing more than a desperate "me too" because he knows the Bone is going to get sparked out by the PS4.

Once those shelves are restocked, it's going to be BARBARIC.

Lol here's a translation of nelsons article:
"I secretly wish I could work for Sony these days!"
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Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
yeah i didn't read that...

u should of, u may of learned something
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Jedi454 posted...
benjimain posted...
Lol he's changed his tune from when the 360 was clearly winning.

This is nothing more than a desperate "me too" because he knows the Bone is going to get sparked out by the PS4.

Once those shelves are restocked, it's going to be BARBARIC.

You know you're a troll when you call the Xbox One a "Bone".

You know you don't get out enough when you take a nickname so seriously.
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Rome218 posted...
I like to type it, but I might just start saying it verbally. Let's get on the xbone! =D

When people think throwing bones, what game comes to mind? Unless you live in a very vanilla environment, it should come across as dominoes. Let's throw some bones.

Let's get on some NBA 2k on the xbone.

It works.

That's dice not dominoes
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