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2 years ago#1
So I got my One the other night, unfortunately couldn't afford a game or anything until my next check. However, through the night and playing around with the interface and such, I got an idea that seemed pretty legit and thought it could be a cool and profitable feature for the Xbox One.

A sort of rental system for digital games. Could kick rental places to the curb and have a ton of profit for MS and game devs in the end. Think about it, rent any digital game for 1 night at like 3 bucks, 3 nights for 5 bucks and a week for 10 bucks. Maybe after the rented time is up the digital download is timed to automatically disable..not uninstall, in-case you'd like to buy it or rent it again. Just a thought and a suggestion that'd I'd personally love to see.

This type of system could also give people a chance to 'try before you buy' type deal.

Feel free to express your thoughts. No unnecessary negativity or trolling please, this thread isn't for argument sake, but for discussion.
2 years ago#2
It's a cool idea. Nintendo has a pass you can buy for the Wii U sports that works similar to this idea. I wouldn't make use of it but I'd have nothing against it.

Only issue is some games are quite large to download. So the rental period would have to only start after the first bootup.
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2 years ago#3
If this idea existed, EA would be forced to actually finish their games before they release them. So it'll never happen.

Sorry, I bought BF4 yesterday, and after restarting my SP campaign 3 times because they still can't patch an issue with SAVING A GAME (in 2014), I'm definitely a little mad at EA. Your idea is good.
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2 years ago#4
To be honest MS could have done this with the xbox 360. They already had the ability to remote "corrupt" a file and actually did it a few times. So simply implementing a timer that automatically makes the content inaccessible after 24/48/72 hours isn't too far fetched.
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2 years ago#5
Developer and publisher pressure would kill this kind of idea before it got any traction. Even with some of the money going to them they'd lose more than they'd gain.
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2 years ago#6
Rental system? Like PS+, no thanks.
2 years ago#7
if microsoft can do it with their movies, why not? that would be a great idea
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2 years ago#8
If you could choose to buy the full game for the difference of the rental price I think it would be successful.
But not for me. I buy physical. Except when PS+ is selling a game like crysis 3 for $5 or blood dragon for $3.50 like they are now. (First digital games that have retail versions available I ever bought.)
2 years ago#9
Any streaming based service released on the future, including playstation now. Will be a subscription based service, separate from a gold and plus membership. These prices, have not been announced yet. They will be as they draw nearer, guaranteed.
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