Hard Drive full at 362GBs. When does external support come?

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The only reason I like the idea of having an external drive connected is because it adds to the space..... I have have an extra 1TB external drive laying around that I never use anymore. So for me I wont have to go out and spend anymore money when they do like us do this. I do wish x1 also had the option it switch out the internal drive because I would probably due both.
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dnmt posted...
Brand loyalty is a hell of a thing.

The hilarious irony
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Who_Nose posted...
You will care very much when the internal HDD fails.

Every Xbox 360 hard drive failed or will fail eventually.

Im not defending xbox 360, but being a heavy pc user, every hard drive fails sooner or later. Ive had hdd fail in a year(Western digital stock 500gb 5400 rpm), some in 2(western digital stock 750 5400rpm), and some even in 3(laptop hdd ~200GB) over the course of 8 pcs.

That was in effect my point. Hard drives are not reliable, and MS making their X1 hard drive non-removable means that when it fails, it takes the whole console down with it. How much of a warranty do these things have? One year? Good luck with that.
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TheMadToker posted...

Every electronic device ever created has failed or will fail eventually.

I Dunno about that, I think my great grandkids will still be able to play my grey brick gamboy that I had when I was a kid.

That thing is unkillable

No joke! I still play paperboy and Dr. Mario on that sucker. Its immortal.
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^ Whoa my ancient gameboy still works too.
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Adding another voice to those who still use their original Gameboy! :)

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What happens if the disc drive-less SKU is true? Combined with a locked HDD that can't be swapped is not good.
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cyounexttuesday posted...
Adding another voice to those who still use their original Gameboy! :)

One Day I WILL beat Motocross Maniacs!

I still play operation C on my OG Gameboy... Good times
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daniel79 posted...
dnmt posted...
Brand loyalty is a hell of a thing.

Your not kidding!

It's borderline insane on these boards..

Yea but let's be honest here, 9 times outta 10 it's sony fanboys on a XBOX forum talking S***. thats not an exaggeration you sony fanboys LIVE on this forum because you have no games to play. Thats the only thing that comes to mind when i see this forum filled with sony guys...sorry not guys, kiddies talking s***. Do you sony fanboys reading this know how sad you come off stalking these forums? (The answer is really F'n sad)