Hard Drive full at 362GBs. When does external support come?

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Brand loyalty is a hell of a thing.

The hilarious irony

lol +100000

The point i was just trying to make in the above post.
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Brand loyalty is a hell of a thing.

Your not kidding!

It's borderline insane on these boards..

Yea but let's be honest here, 9 times outta 10 it's sony fanboys on a XBOX forum talking S***. thats not an exaggeration you sony fanboys LIVE on this forum because you have no games to play. Thats the only thing that comes to mind when i see this forum filled with sony guys...sorry not guys, kiddies talking s***. Do you sony fanboys reading this know how sad you come off stalking these forums? (The answer is really F'n sad)

Your confusion on the matter stems from the fact that you believe everyone with something negative to say about the X1 are Sony Fanboys. In that world there probably would be 9 Sony Fanboys for every 1 Xbox Fanboy.
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Whats ironic and sad is that the people that are talking about 'brand loyalty' clearly arent x1 fans yet here they are on the x1 forum, why would they be here? Brand loyalty. Im an x1 fan and I dont go to the ps4 forum to bash ps4 for being more like a ps3.5 or because they literally have no games coming out besides infailous.

Notice how the fanboys cling to trivial arguements like data space 2 months after release, lol shouldnt you be worried you wont be able to fill up the data until sometime in 2016.

So this wasn't you?

chrish909 posted...
Ps4 will struggle with profitability.

Ms is not struggling, they will flood the stores with x1s because they can afford it. Ps4 will be very rare to find around holidays because sony cant afford to flood the stores with it, they are losing money on every ps4 sold.

Once people see the mass features x1 offers over ps4, the vast amount and more appealing games, and the fact that the console wont be impossible to get your hands on during the holidays, they wont even want a ps4.

Ps4 has no great exclusives right away, it was the same with ps3. Ps4 sales wont pick up until something worthwhile drops, same as the ps3.

On the ps4 board?

Chrish909....so embarrassed. So much made the fool.
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Wait, so is the rumor on the new SKU at $399 true? about having an even smaller hard drive? Lol it better be swappable and not locked like the current one. Since the 500 one caps low already.
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