EA buys positive BF4 comments

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3 years ago#1






EA even pays more than 3 times more than Microsoft!

newsflash: Sony and Nintendo do it too!
3 years ago#2
I love how instead of investing money to make good products they invest in good comments.... video games these days, its like ET all over again lol
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3 years ago#3
Everyone knows other companies do it but just because more people do it doesn't make it a good policy mate.

people who get paid by companies should be transparent about who's paying them and should only do it with products they believe in, but we don't live in a perfect world.
3 years ago#4
maybe if they put that money into actually getting a damn quality game made they wouldn't have to pay someone to say good things in the first place...
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3 years ago#5
BF4 is such a mess right now. Can't even finish single player
It's fun tho, even with all the bugs

3 years ago#6
In all fairness, they aren't saying not to critique the game, simply to not focus on doing so.
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3 years ago#7
this is ILLEGAL amounts of advertising!!! officers, take them away!!!
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3 years ago#8
dam so r all of thos companys geting arested
3 years ago#9
Maybe I missed something but I didn't see anything in the links saying that the people weren't allowed to disclose that they were paid for this.

But of course, all you're trying to do is excuse Microsoft, you just did a poor job of it though. Not to mention if EA had a similar clause? You'd likely find people reacting exactly the same as they are towards the current MS scandal.

There's no double standard if everybody is holding all companies to the same standard.
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