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User Info: 1nternationa7

3 years ago#11
Unless I got 2 terabytes of memory, no way am I preferring digital.
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User Info: ImThe8thWonder

3 years ago#12
With platforms that allow me to swap out HDDs, digital. Otherwise, discs.
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User Info: wrettcaughn

3 years ago#13
For games I'm sure of - digital
For games I'm not 100% sure of - disc

User Info: weAREtheB0RG

3 years ago#14
1nternationa7 posted...
Unless I got 2 terabytes of memory, no way am I preferring digital.

You realize when you use a disc on the One, it still installs and takes up the same amount of HDD space, right? Your reasoning suggests you don't.

User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#15
digital the fact that u can watch tv, then switch to play a game then switch to play another game then back to tv and never get up to change the disk.. is a major win for more and the whole reason I got xbox one

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#16
Both, disc for games I know I will trade in, digital so I don't have to get up and swap discs.

User Info: AtariSandra

3 years ago#17
Disc always!

I like to build up a game collection and rows of boxes looks neat.

User Info: muggy

3 years ago#18
Why are we having bluray forced on us. There is absolutely no need for them to do this.
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User Info: Who_Nose

3 years ago#19
You cannot resell digital.

Digital costs more than games on disc for consoles.

DRM is a constant threat.
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