Doesn't it worry anyone that the xbone can't run TR at 60 fps?

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Why are you clowns buying the same game again with slightly better graphics? Talk about poor money management and serious cases of gamer OCD. Seek help.
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It's programming, it's pathetic that you people are going crazy about this. Games coded specifically for the system will run 60fps. This was the same case for the ps3 when it came to launch titles that were brought to next gen. I own both systems, I'm buying tomb raider regardless. You can't tell the difference regardless what the trolls and fanboys want to argue.

But are you buying TR for the xbone or the ps4? :v

Leaning toward the X1, my preference is as simple as the controller. I prefer my X1 controller. As far as frame rate they said DR3 was bad also and I never noticed and loved the game. FPS is flame war bait and nothing more. It's a pathetic piece of info that if a joke of a site like IGNorant didn't post no one would give a damn.

Oh, I see. :v FPS doesn't really matter to me either. I have bad eyesight (astigmatism) so I can't really tell a bad FPS when I see one anyway, even with my glasses. D: But like, I prefer the playstation controller since I've been using it since the ps1 days.
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I seriously doubt it's an optimization issue. Both consoles have nearly the same structure. Nearly. I think it's an issue of just being underpowered.
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Every poll ever done, 60fps > 1080p.
Now, 'both don't matter'
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Aqua_TC posted...
IGN confirmed it was 30 fps on both consoles 2 hours ago...

No they didn't. You read it wrong. Read it again.
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Of course not. Unless of course the PS4 was the one that couldn't play a last gen game at 60fps. In that case, "LOL@PS3.5orzzTotesMagotes!"... "SonyPhonyPonies!"
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Apex-Player posted...
Every poll ever done, 60fps > 1080p.
Now, 'both don't matter'

That doesn't make any sense though. That was a poll asking if someone would rather have higher framerate or 1080p. This is a discussion about two acceptable framerates and the fact they are not a big deal because they dont affect gameplay. Its two separate arguments entirely.
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My honest answer: I dont judge any games in a consoles launch window. If a year from now when the developers have had time to work out the quirks still leads to games being 30FPS on Xbox One and 60FPS on PS4, then thats different. As of right now, the Xbox One is a new beast and its too early to say what will happen.

it takes time for devs to get games to make full use of new hardware.
take a look at launch ps360 games to ones that came out just a year later.
all this issue says now is that the ps4 is easier to work with froma dev standpoint.
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All I can tell you is when I played MGS3HD and Peace Walker HD at 60 fps on the 360 it felt like a new game even though I played both to death on PS2 and PSP. So 60 FPS is a huge difference.
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