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3 years ago#1
Or whatever. Xboxing, or Microsoft Melee Mania, or whichever name they'd give it.

But seeing as Ninty has it's own hugely successful Super Smash Bros series (the fourth episode I'm awaiting with baited, stinky breath) and Sony had it's close-but-no-cigar decent effort with Sony All Stars Battle. But Microsoft now have plenty of franchises to pull from to have their own awesome roster in a similar game - who would you love to see starring in it?

I'll start us off with:

Battles using his assault rifle, missiles and brute strength, he has the added bonus of having to have his shield ripped before taking damage, but when he does, takes damage quickly. Glass-cannon-style fighter (for balance's sake).

Crackdown's superpowered, super-jumpin', ground-poundin' badass might seem invincible, but when he takes damage, he ragdoll-tumbles further than other characters.

Viva Pinata's little gardner uses his hordes of pinatas to attack, and powers them up by consuming, feeding, and planting his vast array of randomly-retreived seeds. Lacking in strength, he relies on strategy.

The foul-mouthed squirrel is a great all-rounder, with an amazing ultimate move to boot - let's just say... the Great Mighty Poo gets involved...

With a similar fighting style to Master Chief, Arby's shield is weaker, but his defence is overall higher, with more of an emphasis on close-quarters battling using his energy sword.

Controlling similarly to the Ice Climbers in Smash Bros, you control all of the Battletoads (Rash, Zitz and Pimple) as a horde. Their combos alternate between each toad, so the longer a combo goes on, the quicker they begin to accelerate the rate of buttkick into a flurry of blows.

The plucky protagonist of Blue Dragon isn't strong on his own, but charge up his shadow and unleash it and suddenly it's a different story! The dragon shadow follows behind you and mimics Shu's moves, turning his puny punches into bone-crushing ethereal blows.

Banjo and Kazooie utilise their vast array of classic moves including the Kazooie Trot and Egg Shot and play very much like their original platformer selves, but make short work of their enemies in close quarters using their magic wrench from Nuts and Bolts to lift and toss enemies and items with a unique any-directional throw.

The immortal Kaim from Lost Odyssey is this game's answer to a Marth or Roy character - a sword-wielding, spry, agile warrior with above-average attack power but slightly lacking in stature and defense. Kaim's unique attacks feature Lost Odyssey's constricting "attack ring" which, if hit at exactly the right time, increases the blow's damage output.

Slow but powerful, Marcus is the game's most brutal combatant, using sticky grenades, the iconic lancer (complete with slightly-less insta-killy chainsaw) and his "roadie run" ability to cover vast distances quickly. After a brief charge, Marcus darts forwards and doesn't stop until the button is released. This makes up for his normally very low mobility - if you see him charging, get out of there!

The iconic Fable hero utilises firearms, blades and magic to play quite like Link does in Smash Bros, although he does have an incredibly unique feature - Needless destruction and taunting turns him dark and evil, making him stronger, but avoiding combat for a short period, helping teammates and praising others makes him angelic, giving him the ability to regenerate health.

Alan uses his torch to focus and stun players in place, which makes up for his low attack power. He can also lay his flares like mines, creating a radius of stunning energy. Alan also has double the evasive ability of other battlers.
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3 years ago#2
Feel free to add some more, guys! There's Killer Instinct, Stubbs the Zombie, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Jetpac, all manner of unique movesets to be had - I just picked the most obvious combatants.
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3 years ago#3
Nick Ramos with a bunch of ridiculous combo weapons/outfits would be fun
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3 years ago#4
bessy67 posted...
Nick Ramos with a bunch of ridiculous combo weapons/outfits would be fun

Ah yeah, or even Frank West - I can just imagine the hilarious *camera snap* "FAAAAANTASTIC!" when he knocks someone out of the stage.
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3 years ago#5
Oh! I have another couple:

The female protagonist from Jade Empire can switch between two fighting stances, Way of Open Palm and Way of Closed Fist, as you can in her original game. She can also employ chi attacks which drain her own energy but inflict heavy damage.

Can transform at will into Pummel Weed, Chillah, or Ash (as seen in Kameo Elements of Power). Pummel Weed is nimble and hits quickly with his boxing attacks and underground uppercuts,, Chillah is slow but powerful with his throwable ice spears,, and Ash uses flame attacks which hurt the victim for a while after inflicting the blow. Kameo herself is a very defensively weak character, however, and is vulnerable when transforming.

Joanna, being a spy, is all about traps and luring her foes. Her laptop gun can be deployed as an auto-sentry, she can use the FarSight to shoot through level geometry at her enemies, and her Proximity Pinball grenades add a wacky wildcard to make her as erratic to battle against as she is to master.
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3 years ago#6
No more roster suggestions? Sad days. Should it contain more stuff about sales and frame rates as opposed to fun speculation about, you know, games? Be creative, lads (and missuses)!
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3 years ago#7
This legitmately sounds good.

How about..

The kid from Psychonauts
Stubbs the Zombie
The main character of thief
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3 years ago#8
Voodoo Vince!
"Immigrants. That's all they do, you know. Just driving around, listening to raps, shooting all the jobs." - Malory Archer
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3 years ago#9
TC, you know that this game will be endlessly compared to Smash Bros. And when it comes to crossover fighting games like this, nothing compares to Smash Bros.
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3 years ago#10
I got a few ideas for assist items.

Titan Inbound(Titanfall Assist):

Call down the atlas titan in the vicinity of your area. Watch as your enemies get OHKO'd from the titan dropping from the heavens.

Call To Arms(Ryse (Marius) Assist):

Say the kinect command or press RB for a volley of arrows raining from the skies.

The Tiger's Instinct(Killer Instinct Assist):

Get Jago's healing powers for only limited time. Damage also gets doubled, but you take double damage as well.

The Mighty Mechanic(Dead Rising Assist):

Get your character tuned up with a random power up from a different character. Note once that you get their power, your go there's.
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