So how much larger do you think Open-World games can possibly be this gen?

#21krystylaPosted 1/24/2014 2:42:36 AM
The size is more than sufficient developers should strive to make them not stuck in time but evolving and ever changing
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AlexPuma posted...

I'd love to see these images updated to accommodate for the past 4 years, including GTAV, Skyrim, and the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. However, this goes to show, that the biggest world in gaming history is still from a 1996 game.

Damn. I didn't realize Just Cause 2 was that big, or that GTA3 was so small.
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I know I had the recreated version of Falluja, Iraq in ARMA 2 on was as big as the real city with about 75% of the buildings had interiors...that was 3 years ago, it was a mod, and it ran on 6gb of ddr3