Kotaku says X1 version of Tomb Raider better than PC; PS4 version comes out

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Spetsnaz420 posted...
Actually one thing I have known about the PC elitists is they are far more aggressive than console fan boys but fewer in numbers.

But they almost always have the advantage of being correct about their system being the best. Which makes their butthurt all the sweeter in this case.
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Not sure I agree.
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You may be right... But they only show up to completely unsolicited topics that have nothing to do with PC... Frankly they don't want you to know their platform is more powerful so much as they want you to be upset about it.
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I don't really care about 30 or 60 but I would prefer a steady lower frame rate then a dipping higher
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Definitive Edition doesn't exist on PC. Sooo.. the comparaison is quite irrelevant.
#16XavierLovesYouPosted 1/27/2014 4:35:36 PM
B-but muh cloud power
#17DorediaPosted 1/27/2014 5:04:30 PM
No TressFX on those PC screenshots...
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How can it look better than PC when it doesn't have Anti-Aliasing? I cannot play a game with jaggies.