Should it be illegal to pay people to review something positively for money?

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Like when a person in an advert goes, "wow, it really DOES work like that!" and you get it home and it works like that, but about three hours later.

Yeah, that's not illegal, that's called media advertising, and it has been around for well over a hundred years in human society.

Not specific to viagra, of course. Which totally wasn't what I was using as an example.
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ComparisonMan posted...
Basically, should it be legal to pay people to lie and say something is better then it is, without letting you know they are being paid to lie to you?

Does it make you think less of Microsoft knowing they pay people to lie to you and pretend they have a more favorable opinion of Xbox One, just to trick you into thinking more people like it?

If Nintendo or Sony had paid people to lie about there product favorably secretly advertising it, would you have thought less of them?

How do you know they are lying to you when they give their opinion?
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It's only illegal when they don't tell you they're promoting something, and pretend like it's their own opinion. That's where the controversy is coming from.
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you mean like an advertisement?

im pretty sure the wendy's girl gets paid to say their new pretzel burger is the best around

The Wendy's girl IS Wendy lol

wich one? the daughter of the founder? yes her name is wendy. the hot redhead in the other commercials isnt named wendy afaik

The real Wendy is a fat lady.

yeah i know. real butch looking too.
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The question shouldn't be whether or not this should be legal but about what basis you have to assume people are getting paid to review a game positively.