microsoft should of went with Nvidia/Intel!!!

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I believe the alienware versions of steambox will be Nvidia/Intel with a model that is priced competitively with PS4/Xbox One. Steamboxes will likely become the most powerful console for multiplat games in the future.

Now back to enjoying my Xbox One as it is along with my Intel Core i7 laptop with Nvidia graphics...

Steambox isn't a console. It's a slim style PC.
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Speaking from experience as a PC gamer, I generally find that Intel CAN justify the higher prices over AMDs rival chips as they tend to offer comparative performance increases to the increase in price. While nvidia certainly does make superior graphics cards to I just can't bring myself to say it...ATI, I find that the relatively minor increase in performance you get with an nvidia card just doesn't justify the significant increase in cost.

Although these numbers have been pulled directly from my ass it goes SOMETHING like this:
ATI offers 90% of the power of Nvidia at 75% of the cost
AMD offers 80% of the power of Intel at 80% of the cost

And really, as any PC gamer will tell you, ATIs biggest problems have never been their card but their drivers. Or maybe its that nvidia are just very good with their drivers. Either way, my prefered combination when rig building is Intel for processors and ATI (ok ok... AMD...) for graphics cards.

Also, as others have said, should HAVE.
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People here are still arguing about the difference in 720pvs1080p. Don't make them think about the actual parts =D.
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