Why is the game disc on the wrong side of the box

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Renamon posted...
Remove box art
Flip it up side down
Reinsert box art

disk is on the right again

Topic should have ended here.
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Just used a case that can have a disc in both sides, and I gotta tell you, neither side is easier than the other. So that's some weird spin some are trying to put on this.
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Damn! I missed this article -

"We really canít explain this one. Since the dawn of the CD era, jewel cases have always been the same. The insert goes on the left. The disc goes on the right. Not anymore.

For some reason, at least one Xbox One case has switched things around. When you open the case, the disc is on the left."
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#84Ryan-06Posted 1/31/2014 2:17:52 AM
The designer was trying to come to the future.
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staticxtreme5 posted...
Design choice, and a smart one at that. More people are right handed than left handed, and its easier to grab the disc correctly if its on that side (unless your left handed lol). I actually like it better this way, but it was surprising and took a minute to get used to.

Erm, says you. I don't think it's a 'great design choice' or 'smart' as your making it out to be, and I'm right handed.

So, who Is it 'smart' for, me, or you?

Why you, and not me?

Eh? Not so 'smart' now, is it?

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bessy67 posted...
I actually like that the disc is on the left. I feel that it's easier for right handed people to get it out. And if you have a problem with it you could always just turn the case upside down before you open it.

cause a disc is so hard to hold with a non-dominate hand...