New game announcement tomorrow

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Black and White from Lionhead is what I'm hoping for, with fully integrated Kinect functionality.
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Lawboy2 posted...
I agree...Pls no judgment...but if it is I am a blind follower of gears so I would still buy

Stay classy bro!
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Lawboy2 posted...
bessy67 posted...

Interesting how Mark Rein got in on the discussion. New Epic game perhaps?

I will freak and lose my sh** if it's gears of war


I love gears, but really, why? its got the most incoherent plot of all time and so many missed opportunities to go from great to outstanding, when it comes to level design.
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Hexic: The Definitive Edition
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ruffian games just tweeted this..crackdown 3 incoming????
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Kinectimals : Definitive Edition
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I hope it's a first person shooter or at least something with guns in it. I only play games that have guns in them, games aren't cool without guns.
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MMMM... I F'n called it!
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bessy67 posted...
Mr_Killstreak posted...
Please no more Gears games, 3 was meh and Judgment was horrendous, let it die.

It's an established series that sells very well (except for Judgement). I really doubt we've seen the last of it.

I guess if bessy said "oh no,more Uncharted games? more Killzone games? oh man just let it die" it would make bessy look ignorant. Gears sells, the franchise is at 22 million, it would be dumb if Microsoft didn't continue with it (with a better dev team of course)
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