Hitler reacts to Gears of War IP being sold

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benjimain posted...
Sad that the cinematic masterpiece that is Der Untergang, is now mostly known for this silly, unfunny meme. And anyone who knows even the remotest German can see straight through this.

I cringe when I see "Das war ein Befehl" swapped for one of the many stupid lines that clearly isn't "That was an order."

That's part of the joke, that the subtitles clearly don't have anything to do with what's actually being said. That couldn't be more obvious regardless of how fluent one is in German. Nobody's seeing straight through anything. Nothing is being hidden.
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It's just another shooter. They are (or will be) a dime a dozen on both systems.
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Bump for the anger.
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ROFL! Thanks TC that had me laughing at work. I'm going to have to watch the original movie at some point
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"But Titanfall is just COD with mechs."
"Silence you fool, it will be EPIC and you know it!"
So funny. Thanks again TC for linking this.
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this is amazing! funny, and has so many facts that hammer the ponies in the face.
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leelee3105 posted...
this is amazing! funny, and has so many facts that hammer the ponies in the face.

That is why I felt this is clever and hilarious at the same time. It mocks everything that is wrong with the mind of a Sony fanboy. Hardcore gamers is what they love they call themselves, but a hardcore gamer to me can be someone who loved the Binding of Isaac, a game I spent like 3 bucks on steam that can run on any system. There are people who spent more time on that game n Skyrim, I'm not kidding. It is a huge cult hit and just watch some reviews.

To me a "hardcore gamer" is someone who embraces gaming. A hardcore gamer would be someone that is not trying to be part of the majority, a bandwagon hopper so to speak. A hardcore gamer does not care more about frames and resolution over the content of a game, that right there is a very casual gamer attitude. That is why I roll my eyes at PC gamers, because the ones that make them look bad are people who love to talk about graphics like it is the only thing great about a game.

I love Ryse, but it isn't because of the graphics. I have a review up, it is very in depth, and it is under the name ManeMane I believe.
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Renamon posted...
These videos were funny like 5 years ago.

They were?
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Sith Jedi posted...
Renamon posted...
These videos were funny like 5 years ago.

They were?

It's impressive they're still funny today, not many jokes have that kind of staying power and legs
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It's that one video where Hitler yells at everybody, isn't it?

*clicks link*

Yup. Why am I not surprised?

These Hitler videos got old pretty fast. It would be nice if someone used a different foreign movie clip.
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