Very happy with my XBO

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Though I totally agree that the Xbox One has had the lion's share of my gameplay, I've actually spent the residual gaming time playing Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii (through the WiiU) and Seaman on the Dreamcast.

Well that's understanable. TP was an amazing game.

I still regard it as a "weaker link" in the overall Zelda legacy, but that's like saying it's the least sexy lass in the Playboy mansion.

But yeah, between totally nailing every Xbox One exclusive (including DLC - I really enjoyed the Dead Rising 3 Broken Eagle episode) - I've been playing Battlefield 4 online. But I had to move houses, and as such my online abilities have been stifled. I hooked up my Dreamcast and Wii U instead, and realised that internetless gaming is still super-fun.
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