I wish developers wouldn't add so many multiplayer achievements to there games!

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I remember when achievements weren't around and you played video games because you enjoyed them.

And doing something difficult actually earned you something.

I'd be ok with earning stuff for the avatar too...

But then of course that's less micro transaction possibilities.

I can't tell if you're adding to what I said or taking a shot at it.

Please clarify. Damn internets.

I was just going to say agree, but then decided to add to it.

Trophies and achievement pop-ups annoy me. And the rise of micro transaction for what was once unlockables is disappointing.
#32AceviperPosted 1/30/2014 12:21:19 AM
I hate multiplayer trophies that are too specific in how to get it

Like if a game wanted you to headshot 3 enemies while on fire in a specific stage while in the air. Stuff similar to that

It ruins the community with people ignoring the game and just trying to do that odd action
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