New DigitalFoundry enhanced comparison. Tomb Raider. Final report

#1Ryan-06Posted 1/29/2014 9:37:31 PM(edited) millisecond scale comparison.

XO has drops below 30
PS4 drops below 60. But never hits 30.

Another new comparison between PC and PS4. Both consoles get specific enhancements to Laras model and face, with new animations that display a wider range of emotions. As well as environmental changes and material shaders.

"...However, some seriously impressive effects found in the PC game - like tessellation, for example - are nowhere to be found on next-gen console..."

Also the XO version downgrades the resolution during some cutscenes to compensate for TressFX taking a toll on it.
"...Another indication that TressFX sucks up considerable console GPU time concerns the sub-native cut-scene resolution downgrade we occasionally see on Xbox One. Again, we suspect that it's the close-ups on the TressFX-enabled Lara that incur the hit.

Final article here! Enjoy. Argue nicely.
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Sometimes I wonder why I even come to this website anymore.
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Stop coming then.
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That's what she said.
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Ryan-06 posted...
Stop coming then.

freesith posted...
That's what she said.

I'd like to play DayZ on consoles.
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CaIiber345 posted...
Ryan-06 posted...
Stop coming then.

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That's what she said.


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Weren't there different devs so expect different results.
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What I got from the article is the Xbone got the crummiest version? At least the PC version has tessalation and runs 60fps, lmao.
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So according to that, get the PS4 version if you want the version with the absolute worst judder. Awesome. Thanks for the link. I'll get the XB1 versions instead.