Oh my god first tomb raider now watch dogs

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triple s posted...
Viet0ne posted...
Last gen, the best experience for multiplat games was on the 360.

Very well said.

The best thing in all of this console war BS, for me personally, is to see some of the usual suspects from the PS3 board who would have NEVER....under ANY circumstance......concede points like the above over the last 7-8 years.

Oh, I'm sure they'll pull the "I didn't say that" card.......and they may fool a few people unfamiliar with them, hell they may even fool themselves, but for guys like viet0, I remember their BS quite clearly.

So its extraordinarily comical when they just offer up quotes like the above today.
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Heh heh heh....How so many people seem to have forgotten how...."important"....having a better port was when the Xbox360 - Outdid the PS3, and it is such a shame too...because these games are launch window games...they're not even what one would consider "next gen." and I wonder just how vast of a difference there will be one or two years from now.
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UtterMoon posted...
Heh heh heh....How so many people seem to have forgotten how...."important"....having a better port was when the Xbox360 - Outdid the PS3.......

Heh heh heh heh heh heh.......yeah, its almost like the morons just simply switched sides of the field huh....winkwink

I mean those that wanted to pretend that there was never a difference or the difference was inconsequential regarding PS3 multiplats are primarily the guys that are pounding it home about what a big deal it is for XB1 games today.

Moral of the story: both camps of fanboys has its fair share of dip ****.
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You've contributed to that yourself.
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degen2011 posted...
Is there any mutiplat that runs better on the Xbox One?

The XO GPU is 40% weaker than the PS4.

Why on earth would you expect games built on the same architexture to run better on XO?

The most important thing is the games are optimized properly for the system.

Stop crying about system wars and enjoy the games.
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Ryan-06 posted...
You've contributed to that yourself.

If you have the nerve to be speaking to me....as if you know anything about me......you'd know that there has never been one "which version should I buy" topic regarding the PS360 where I deviated from the "what controller do you prefer, pick that one" ethos.

Sorry, but a missing blade of grass or 30 fps vs. 50 fps doesn't move me in the slightest....in fact, I find it pathetic.....do any of these types actually even play games? I often question it tbqh.
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MRL3G3ND posted...
yeah I play battlefield 4 on the one...and yes from time to time I stop and say man this looks kind of gritty...but it doesn't stop the game from being fun...

When we get to the point where they have to omit certain gameplay elements or particles will be the day I have to make a decision...

and even then it will be back to PC not the PS4 lol

I remember in some comparisons on the 360 vs PS3...they had things like grass and trees missing...now that would suck... we are going to eventually get there...this is just the beginning

There were things missing in the x1 version of bf4 compared to the ps4 version as well. If you go back a few years most here would be saying the opposite about 360 and bragging about their better Multiplats but now it magically doesnt matter
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#88CyDetrakDPosted 2/5/2014 1:17:12 PM
It will only get worse as the generation goes along but I will get a Xb1 down the line after a price drop. I'm a huge Gears fan but as of now I'll stick with PC, last gen consoles, WiiU and Ps4.
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Evel138 posted...
How many PS3 multiplats honestly (because there was a certain type that would have NEVER conceded anything looking better on the 360) looked better than 360?

Somehow....ppl were able to survive.

That's the point they took a step back and reversed the roles this generation , now the ps4 is like a pc so easy to build games for and to utilize it to the fullest and the x1 is a lot more of a pain a lot of devs have stated this but who cares . if tombraider is what its like than it is not to noticeable because I played through my x1 version and it was great then I borrowed my sisters copy to play on my ps4 and it is very similar so who cares.
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Viet0ne posted...
Multiplat games are enjoyable on the Xbox One, are they more enjoyable on the PS4?
Majority of people would say yes.

Last gen, the best experience for multiplat games was on the 360.
This gen, the best experience for multiplat games is on the PS4.

Anyone saying that the experience is the same is delusional. This differences on current gen hardware are more significant than last gen.

As far as PC gaming goes, there still isn't a $400 PC that is going to match performance the PS4 is pushing out now. Making comparisons to PC is only partially valid. Yes, PC hardware can push better resolutions, frame rates, and graphics settings. No, you won't be able to spend the same amount of money and get the same or better performance. Not until years when the hardware becomes significantly cheaper. The only reason why people don't choose PC gaming over consoles is cost. Anyone attempting to remove that factor no longer has basis on making valid comparisons.

FFX13 series runs infinitely better on PS3.