How come Multi-Platform games are better on the PS4?

#1MrMojoRisin357Posted 1/30/2014 4:43:32 PM
Is the Xbone hard for developers or what?
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#2ILikeGamesManPosted 1/30/2014 4:44:58 PM
Sounds like you are really enjoying that PS4 of yours while spending your time on the X1 forums.
#3AshWilliams78Posted 1/30/2014 4:45:30 PM

I'll be leaving this board for a while. Getting really sick of all these topics.
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#4Flare1721Posted 1/30/2014 4:45:36 PM
Ask the developers.
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#5Shaolin015Posted 1/30/2014 4:46:33 PM
Ps4 gddr5 ram and better gpu chip, and camera is not integrated into system draining CPU power

Xbox has esram, weaker gpu, and camera takes up power.

End of topic.
#6krystylaPosted 1/30/2014 4:47:18 PM
Just to have it from a XBO owner

The PS4 has a better GPU and the XBO reserved 10% of the GPU for Kinect. This was/will be supposedly reduced to 2%.
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#7MrMojoRisin357(Topic Creator)Posted 1/30/2014 4:48:16 PM
That's a shame, I wouldn't have minded owning both systems...
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#8Troll_DirectoryPosted 1/30/2014 4:49:49 PM
they're both easy to develop for. but, the ps4 is easier to develop for, than the xo right now because ms is still sorting out their gpu power distribution and directx drivers, among other things. both consoles will have huge graphical improvements over the years, as is always the case in every console generation. and, people will probably continue argue over which exclusives look better, just like they are already with ryse and forza vs killzone.
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Man... all the trolling.

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Trolling? You're the troll with your ignorant remark!
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