So rumor is going around that Titanfall has only 16 maps at launch?

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16 is good. Cod usually has like 14 maps.

I'm curious..I really don't know but what COD has 14 maps to begin with

Black Ops and Black Ops II have 14. People just choose like 3-4, which is why I understand why you might feel that way,

That's probably it...I never pay attention to the amount of maps....I just like the games
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Gamers are such spoiled children nowadays..honestly.. I`m personally outraged that it doesn`t come with a real robot.

I personally wished it came with:

ED-209 good choice
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This is an outrage!

I'm going to pre order Titanfall so I can immediately cancel it.
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Most of my favourite shooters have had far less. As long as two or three of them are fantastic with the others being at least decent, then thats not a bad start.

I think I played maybe four maps on the original Halo, for example.
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didnt GoW judgement launch with like 3 or 4 maps? 16 isn't bad, if anything its kind of on the high end.
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16 maps that you will be rocket jumping through which instantly makes them better.
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From: I_VTEC_Power_I | #033
This is an outrage!

I'm going to pre order Titanfall so I can immediately cancel it.

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This is more than double the maps of other shooters.

But shooters without a single player and still 60$?

Warhawk an early PS3 online only game with no single player launched with only 5 maps and was $60.

MAG also launched with like 10 maps and is another PS3 game thats online only with no single player.
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how many did the original xbox's ghost recons have? wasnt it 8 v 8 in one of the "expansions" plus it had a whole story mode. just sayian...

however im sure TF will be fine.
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Only 16? WTF are you on... That's a lot of maps for launch... I mean seriously name 5 AAA FPS games that launched with more...


You can't

Spoiler alert
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