Thuway: Titanfall 360 Close To X1, CBOAT Leak Genuine

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Courtesy of 95_Eclipse

Haha, makes sense.

Eclipse, the same guy who says anyone who uses any of the terms 'Xbot' or SonyPony' are unintelligent and their views should be ignored, but was quoted to using the term 'Xbot' himself.

Also one of the few to claim that a horse/pony isn't a herding animal, therefor the term SonyPony is as stupid as the people who use it.

That's his best editing? LOL that's sad...I still don't see the PS4 comparison poor Eclipse :-(
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LOL, this proves that Xbox One is a garbage console for gaming. Microsoft should've made the console much more powerful like PS4's.

A game that's on a next gen console should be outperforming the same game that's on a last gen console. Pitiful.

...why post on a board that is clearly for people that have and enjoy their xbox one. Besides that, there is no proof that anything said is correct... some random guy says that "all insiders are saying the same thing" or he could just be repeating what one person posted. I can say that "all insiders" have told me that Titanfall will not only be the best looking game so far but that it is so real that you literally crap yourself when you eject from the Titan... And that is equally as legit.