Microsoft Defends Xbox One's Power Reminding People Forza 5 Is 1080p/60FPS

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googler posted...
1 game vs all the others that aren't able to run it. Talk about grasping at straws

And the problem with their argument is that framerate and resolution are only worthwhile when it's a direct comparison to the same game on another platform as both possess or at least aim for around the same graphical elements.

Showing off these 1080p 60fps attributes mean very little when the lighting is static and trash, textures are last gen, and so forth.

This game would be 1440p and 120fps on PS4.
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SoulTrapper posted...

The difference between the pre-release footage and the actual game is quite obvious.

Wow, that is very disheartening. It's like Aliens: Colonial Marines all over again.
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