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Funny how EA became the best, most caring and consumer friendly dev overnight
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Mixorz247/31 7:58PM
anyone use turtle beach x32 on xbox one ?Darkneo2067/31 7:42PM
For those skeptical about the EA vault...N3xtG3nGam3r107/31 7:28PM
Xbox CEO and Sony CEO are Captains in the Star Trek universe, who are they?RuinerEraser27/31 7:25PM
Xbox Live Games with Gold for August 2014
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Pizzatarian677/31 7:19PM
Do any Halo fans like Cortana enough to get a windows phone?
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skermac527/31 7:17PM
Are Gold members getting free games?
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ShELbY_GT500387/31 7:13PM
Anyway to confirm I was invited to the preview programXLegendKillerX67/31 7:08PM
Bioware's Spark TrailerDev44517/31 7:02PM
so hows that free panzer dragoon game thingy thats free this month?HELZERO107/31 6:56PM
anyone else not touch a x1 gwg free game?
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kennyynnoo227/31 6:53PM
Is this a good External HDD for Xbox One?wheelchairboy37/31 6:46PM
Help with buying new tv/monitorGOcegueda67/31 6:44PM
Some people go through great lengths for beta codes...Cloudslayer200737/31 5:50PM
Xboxers One: Are you happy EA has subscription/discount program for their games? (Poll)Jx101047/31 5:50PM
What games are you getting?
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teeebz277/31 5:29PM
Interested on the Xbox One more than the ps4
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Flamer_Blue177/31 5:26PM
EA subscription service don't buy it! No point in MS and gamers losing, EA wins!
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mooocooow02327/31 5:24PM
Another "Invite me to the Preview" thread
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GOcegueda207/31 5:22PM
Hey XBROS, give me a reason to turn on my XB1
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squon267/31 5:21PM