Games that deserve to be rebooted....

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OMG, the next gen jigglies! May as well go for DOAX 2 Beach Volleyball too!
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I want a reboot of the NES game Déjà Vu, the one where you are a retired boxer that turns into a private eye. The game starts out with you waking up in a bathroom stall and have to figure thifns out. I would like to see it get properly done. But my luck they would throw in some zombies or some madness

Holy mackeral! I forgot about that game until now. Thanks for the awesome memory!


LOL I could barely get out of the house then you go onto the street and I would die from people mugging me and stuff.
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I agree with Time Splitters!

I would like to see Psi-Ops.
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DBZ Budokai(No Tenkaichi)

Whoa now, what's wrong with Tenkaichi? Budokai Tenkaichi 3 on the Wii was possibly the best DBZ game ever made.
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Blue Stinger
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Brute Force

Phantasy Star Online
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Just give me Mutant League Hockey/Football and Road Rash and I would be happy.

Resident Evil is in desperate need of a reboot as well, but they would probably just screw the series up even more. At least we have The Evil Within coming soon.
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