i hope xboxone owners complain to MS about 1080p/60 fps

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SonyPonyTony posted...
Thanks, I just feel very strongly about it. I can't condone blatant $ony lies and the greed for charging for what was once free and what they said would always be free. I just feel bad for PS4 owners and understand their anger, it's bad enough they don't have any games right now but I can't help but hold out hope that will will get a few in the coming years and when they do they shouldn't be saddled with a third rate online service like PSN and have to pay for it on top.

When $ony gave me the middle finger and told me to like it I took my bizness to MS

So much confusion in this post. I truly feel sad for some people on this board. Unless they are blatantly being obtuse in an attempt to troll others. But if that was the case, I would still feel sad for them as that is a strange little hobby.
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Look I'm a Sony guy and I'm just gonna say this: graphics ain't everything.
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