Might be selling my PS4 for one of these. Is it a justified purchase you guys?

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MashYouGood posted...
I couldn't justify either of the "next gen" Guangdongware, ATM. But, if I were to get a console now, it could only be the X1.

The Ps4 is software devoid and the Wii-U Pedo Bear's favourite grooming tool -- neither formats are what a core gamer could have any use for.

Totes disagree. While wii360 was last gen for me, u4 + 3ds seems to be this one. Microsoft tossed out all the main gaming features to try to mainstream. There are more features I couldnt care less about than those that do interest me. Their gaming division has transformed into an entertainment division- and that's not what I'm looking for.

I haven't committed to anything, but that's my current plan.
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Take it from someone who has repeatedly traded a PS3 for a 360 and vice-versa...don't do it. Though some of the times I did it with the guarantee from friends that they would play online games with me all the time and never followed through, I can say you will definitely regret it.

If you're not happy with it right now, just don't buy anything for it for awhile, be patient, and eventually you'll have saved up enough money for the XB1. You'll be happy you have both, and you'll be in a better situation than if you traded for the Xbox and then something really awesome came out for PS4 and you sit and wonder why you ever got rid of it.
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Tehshankers1234 posted...
I really haven't been happy with my PS4. No friends to play it with and the controller is so weird. I am really sad I didn't wait to get an Xbox One and I have been REALLY wanting to play Killer Instinct. So, is the Xbox One worth selling my Ps4?

If you are really into fighting games, totally worth it. The one game that has kept me coming back since launch. Lost interest in Forza, Done with Assassin's Creed, BF4 is a joke, Crimson Dragon was ok. I can't speak for Ryse or Dead Rising 3 (actually, I enjoyed the demo, but just too occupied with KI and soon to be Project Spark, to warrant a full purchase)...So long as you don't mind that the game is a platform and is evolving and still in development. There have been bugs and other things that have crept in with each update. The developer has been good about correcting them, you just need to keep in mind the game is still "in development".
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AceAndJunpei posted...
You want to pay more for a weaker machine with the same lack of games?

Lol, yeah, you're a genius bro.

I agree with this. The PS4 is more powerful and has more games in development. That isn't saying the Xbox One doesn't have fun games out now or coming out. It just doesn't make sense to trade in a PS4, get $250 at most, and then pay another $250 to get this system.

Protip: Get a Newegg Preferred account and pay it off within the 12 months. It gives you 12 months of no payments and no interest, but obviously it is better to pay it off within the 12 months.
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Mindwipe77 posted...
just another troll topic trying to bash ps4 in favor of x1 YAWN, come up with something new fanboys

...Says a representative of the Sony crowd that does the exact same type of thing, only much more often....

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TheCyborgNinja posted...
Go with whatever has the games you want. For me, it's X1 all the way.

This the way I look at it what was the deciding factor for me was........ Hmmmm if I get a ps4 would it really kill me to see killer instinct and not being able to play it, been waiting since snes for it. Also titanfall would I be happy not being able to play that and dead rising 3 and a possible gears and halo.

I said yep it would kill me hearing about it from other people so yea I had to get it.

I remember having a 360 and my friend having a ps3 I let him play halo 3 and Alan wake and gears of war 3 and he never went back oh and l4d really did it.

I guess it depends on the type if games you like to play.
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Tehshankers1234 posted...
I really haven't been happy with my PS4. No friends to play it with and the controller is so weird. I am really sad I didn't wait to get an Xbox One and I have been REALLY wanting to play Killer Instinct. So, is the Xbox One worth selling my Ps4?

Honestly people speak of weaker tech and staying with it because of the games but as a gamer if your controller doesn't feel right and you have that urge to play a certain game then follow your heart and not any fanboy period and if you want to play with friends which are easy to find I say go and get it and do what you choose to, I am I'm getting a an xbox one and not looking back but will you?
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billsfanno1 posted...
TC, when you see all the PS4 fanboys who have nothing to do other than troll a thread like this. I think it makes it pretty clear that PS4 just doesn't have the games right now and isn't any fun. X1 is still a launch console as well, but MS did a nice job securing a great launch lineup and filling the pipeline for year 1.

Both have a good lineup and a good launch line up. The problem with stating otherwise makes you look immature and petty. Why can't either side accept this. Also spoiler alert: PS4 has more games coming out this year and more games in development. That's a fact not an opinion.
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Sin_Angelus_ posted...
Laylow12 posted...
Shhh... He doesn't realize he's here too meaning he's bored of his XBOX ONE.

But at least he can justify his being here with the fact that he might be looking for discussion on the system or games he owns. What makes PS4 trolls extra sad is that not only are they not playing their system, they're not even on their own boards seeking intelligent discussion. They come to the board of a system they don't own, just to... reassure themselves? Make their purchase seem better by crying about the X1's faults? Jesus I don't even understand it, I just know it's pathetic.

Back on topic, if your friends have an X1, it has exclusives you want, and you think the extra $100 is justified with Kinect and the other features it has, then this should be a no brainer. The good news is that by selling your PS4 right now you should be able to cover the cost of the X1 and then some.

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Tehshankers1234 posted...
I really haven't been happy with my PS4. No friends to play it with and the controller is so weird. I am really sad I didn't wait to get an Xbox One and I have been REALLY wanting to play Killer Instinct. So, is the Xbox One worth selling my Ps4?

My honest opinion after playing both:
PS4 is my winner. I'm honestly not sure how you think the controller is weird because I'm in love with it overall and can't wait to see developers use the touch pad. Which is probably the weirdest part... the options and share buttons are the only things I've had trouble getting used to. I think the One's controller feels cheap as one of panels on the controller shifts and is loose which is noticeable during play and this is on both of my controllers.

Both have great games out right now and this depends on what you're looking for. PS4 is you want a challenge because so far the hardest game I've played is Forza. DR3 compared to the first 2 is extremely easy, lacks psycho fights (They are there but FEW in number), and overall the game feels like it is missing a challenge as I blow through every aspect of it. PS4 on the other hand I struggled on multiple games. Knack is literally one of the hardest games I've ever played and I beat Demon Souls and Dark Souls. Knack is probably one of the most underrated games I've seen. So with that both consoles currently offer 2 different styles of play. PS4 has a shooter, platformer, an arcade game that is just amazing, and really good games coming out for free monthly. Xbox One on the other hand has a racing, zombie, and an interesting simulator game so far. If you want KI or Ryse I recommend sticking away from those two games. KI isn't as bad as Ryse but it also isn't anything new/different.

Sharing features:
PS4 wins this by a long shot. Upload Studio only allows 5 minutes, won't upload to any services except the Cloud, and you can't take screenshots. PS4's sharing is also a ton more simple and easy to navigate.

PS4 wins this as well. It is easy to navigate and ad free which bothers me about the Xbox One.

Both communities have their problems and really it depends on where your friends are or if you are willing to make new friends. The online services provided by PS+ are fantastic. We are getting great games every month and so far every game is interesting and worthwhile. Games For Gold is coming to Xbox, but I've got no clue when or what they will be giving us. Also tomorrow Outlast is coming to PS4 free to PS+ players and that game is also really good.

Overall Winner IMO:
PS4, but this can change from person to person.More games have come out, more games in development, more new franchises on their way, and stronger technology it is hard for me to recommend grabbing an Xbox One over a PS4. With that said the best solution is really to have both, but if one were expendable it would be the Xbox One. Which still has hours of joy to be had, but overall the PS4 has more potential.