Might be selling my PS4 for one of these. Is it a justified purchase you guys?

#41RybalPosted 2/4/2014 9:04:08 AM
Where'd TC go?

Really, anyone that has this question should look at least through the end of the year. Ask themselves what they are going to be playing. Are they going to be playing almost exclusively multiplats? If they are going with exclusives, which ones interest them more? (In this argument, I'm only comparing these two systems, so games appearing on one platform will satisfy the exclusive component, regardless of whether the game is on a previous generation or PC.)

Does Titanfall interest you more than inFamous? (since they are coming out at about the same time)
Does Halo interest you more than Uncharted?

Then look at the controller. Do you have a preference for symmetrical vs. asymmetrical?

Do you play primarily online? If so, where are your friends going?

This is something of a pros and cons list. So while the PS4 does have superior multiplats (the difference would be negligible to all but the most hardcore fanboys most of the time), if the exclusives on the X1 interest you more and the online community interests you more, then go there.

You'll enjoy whichever you end up with.
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#42rusty12000Posted 2/4/2014 10:06:04 AM
Probably should just wait for more games to come out.
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