Why do so many people like the Xbox One is on it's deathbed

#31bazmoePosted 2/4/2014 1:28:59 AM
Xbox One currently has more entertaining games out imo. Everyone is jumping on a bandwagon of haters.
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Don't feed the troll.
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KID VID posted...
I still don't know what the title or original post is asking or saying.

I think the TC's trying to play both sides.
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lol you people whine about everything and I mean people for both ps4 and xbox one would you all like more cheese with your whine.
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idk since i know about 5 people with bones and non with ps4's yet.
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"Why do so many people like this entire generation of consoles is on it's deathbed"


Every other topic is "Sony is doomed", "Microsoft screwed up", "Nintendo needs to change". Am I the only on in here completely fine with how this gen is shaping up? I have a Wii U (love it), and I'll probably buy a PS4 or XBox One once there's enough games I want to play. Previous generations of Sony and Microsoft had many more "must have" exclusives right out of the gate and I had little choice...now I can wait and I'm fine with that...I'm still playing a bunch of things on my old platforms and the PC. Hearthstone alone has killed console interest for me for a few months.
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Wishful thinking.

Problem for them is that the time for MS to get out of the console business would have been after the first was by a large, a failure......not after they're invested billions in R&D and have an established brand name.

MS may ultimately come in second or last this gen, but that MS is just going away is little more than a pipe dream for the haters imho.
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oldhbk76 posted...
Sony's exclusives has never sold well, case in point Halo 3 out sold every sony exclusive combined.

Don't tell them their exclusive never outsell Xbox exclusives last gen, that's just asking for memes and funny images, and them calling you names...how dare you post that.
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KID VID posted...
I still don't know what the title or original post is asking or saying.

lol my thoughts exactly
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IMProdiGY posted...
Laylow12 posted...
oldhbk76 posted...
Game exclusives better than the other company

I agree, Sonys exclusives are much better.


Really which one's? PS4 does not really have anything till 1887. Infamous is not everyones cup of tea. While I think Killzone is good not many people do. 2014 belongs to X1 in terms of games. That is why we game right?

Its called looking long term, if history repeats the PS4 will have more exclusive games.