Why do so many people like the Xbox One is on it's deathbed

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Sony's exclusives has never sold well, case in point Halo 3 out sold every sony exclusive combined.

Don't tell them their exclusive never outsell Xbox exclusives last gen, that's just asking for memes and funny images, and them calling you names...how dare you post that.

Funny you ignored the post that proved his post wrong with facts. Oh wait, sorry, its pro-Sony so it's "trolling". Where did the notion that Sony's first party games sell poorly come from? Gran Turismo 5 alone sold more than the entire Forza series combined. But, GT5 didn't sell as much as Halo 3 so its a failure, right? Mario Kart Wii outsold both Halo 3 and GT5 sales combined, yet that means nothing.

All consoles have exclusives worth getting, its time to stop making this an arms race.
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