Should all games be required to have a demo or trial?

#1vballloverPosted 2/4/2014 9:36:46 AM
Should all games be required to have a demo or trial - Results (21 votes)
Yes, I want to try a game before I buy it
42.86% (9 votes)
Yes, but only for Arcade Titles
14.29% (3 votes)
Meh, I usually just look up gameplay videos before I buy
19.05% (4 votes)
No, putting out a demo just delays a game's release and causes more pressure on developers.
14.29% (3 votes)
No, demos aren't indicative of the final game and are a waste of time
9.52% (2 votes)
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Just wanted to now everybody's opinion. Personally I think that more games on X1 should have some for of demo, most notably AC4, Ryse, and Forza. What are your thoughts?
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#2kennyynnooPosted 2/4/2014 9:41:40 AM
Developers have to put time aside to make demos when they could work on the actual game. I just watch videos.
#3ill-thoughtsPosted 2/4/2014 9:55:35 AM
usually from watching a vid, I can tell if ill like a game or not....but there are games that I wouldn't normally be interested in but I played the demo and went out and purchased the next day. I think all games should have Some sort of demo, even if its a small gives people who wouldn't normally be interested in your game a chance to be blown away by it.