Halo vs Gears

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Gears makes me cringe out of embarrassment to play. Gameplay is usually fun, but it's one of those rare titles that has such a lack of respect for the audience's narrative/dialogue standards that it really detracts from the overall experience. Halo seems like the right balance of fun gameplay and a presentation that takes gamers seriously as adults.

What the hell are you talking about?

The campaign, story, dialogue, characters, and character design. They're all catered to 14 year old american males. Cliffy B is the Michael Bay of the gaming industry. It's embarrassing for me to play. Every dumb line and macho grunt takes me right out the game.

Gamers should have grown out of it by now, in my humble opinion, because the franchise sure as hell didn't grow up with us. I can't reward that type of game design anymore. Just one person's opinion.

This dude is either trolling, or some "brainiac" with no sense of fun/humor who can't enjoy anything. Sounds like you need to grow up if you get embarrased playing a game.

This dude is talking about the whole game being catered to 14 year old boys, meanwhile Halo is perfect in every way...

I bet you don't even like the movie Predator. And that's just sacrilege if that's the case.
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Predator? You mean Skorge?
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Lost interest in gears after the second. Halo has a couple games left in it.
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