Sniper Elite 3 First Gameplay - NEXT GEN, this looks like a last gen port

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Ryan-06 posted...
kennyynnoo posted...
It's not horrible, it looks fine, sniper elite games look like that.

That is a weak defense. Game looks horrible and dated on all platforms. The studio should learn from games like Crysis and MGS5. Looks better on multiplatforms.

Is there even a PC version of this?

All sniper elite games look dated, some games look like that for example saints row looks like garbage next to GTA games. They make crummy looking games, but they're fun.
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I only liked the original game. That was more realistic and tense.
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It's a Rebellion game
It's gonna be bad, like all their other games
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Shaolin015 posted...
Until they stop making 360 versions of the games, the game will always not impress.

Look at the division for proof. No 360 version there seems they have let go of the habit of developing for the weakest link then adding framerate/resolution bumps to PC port

in this case next gen port...

let's face it there is really no reason to have a next gen console at this point...

Not until something to the likes of Gears of War comes out...that really signified the next gen last time...too bad it came out a full year after the 360's release...

until then, enjoy your last gen+ games lol
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Demon_Acker posted...
It's a Rebellion game
It's gonna be bad, like all their other games

lol this