Upcoming Titanfall Beta Features Anti-Cheat System

#11CapnStankyPosted 2/7/2014 9:14:41 PM
They're talking about the PC version. There's no anti-cheat system in place for the console versions other than MS's own ability to check for them.
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I've played all of COD, HALO, GOW....the only time experienced cheating on console was in gears 2 when ppl were lag switching but thy was fixed long time ago

No, play the older COD games now, MW2 had lots of cheating lobbies way before the game became "old" also. Don't ignore when the facts are right there.

Explain to me this cheating...I played MW2....I just said that....I've played all the COD

Wow, so you never got into ANY of the cheating lobbies or even got a message or read of a lobby in a regular match that had rapid fire grenade launchers/killstreaks and infinite ammo?

If I did I never noticed...I didn't play games as much as I do now....probably wouldn't of realized...how were they doing that
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anti-cheat system? so does this mean they'll actually focus on fixing glitches instead of just banning people that have used them and end up leaving the glitches unpatched?
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CapnStanky posted...
They're talking about the PC version. There's no anti-cheat system in place for the console versions other than MS's own ability to check for them.

This. It was easy to cheat on CoD because all they had to do was bridge host with a modded 360. There aren't any modded X1s yet, and they won't be able to bridge host on dedicated servers, so it would basically be aimbot type cheats.
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3 console games that comes to mind that was full of cheaters was Halo 2, Wolfenstine (xbox original) and Black ops.
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When games run on servers (whether it's a dedicated server or just another console that's acting as a server), all of the values for things like movement speed, how much ammo guns can hold, health counts, and more are only ever processed by the server. This is to keep random clients from cheating.

But when the server itself is the one cheating, those values are changed, like movement speed increases, or people are given infinite ammo because the ammo count is just extraordinarily high.

Since people won't have access to the dedicated servers, this won't happen (unless someone were able to hack in and act like a developer who's supplying an update). By anti-cheating measures, they mean things that don't have anything to do with the server or other people, like aimbots or seeing through wall mods. Those are able to be done because people are able to intercept the function calls to the graphics card and they're able to use those to figure out where people are. Can't be done on console, can be done on PC.

No idea how they would really catch these people, but I am but one person compared to their hundred or so that know much more than I do.
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From: Lawboy2 | #003
Is this more for PC...how do you cheat on console

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