I don't know how Microsoft will increase Xbox marketshare in Germany

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Japan , where Yngwie Malmsteen is still a headlining act in arenas !

To be fair, Yngwie Malmsteen is still to this day arguably the most technical guitar player that's ever lived.

If you've ever seen him live, this as close to a hard fact opinions can get tbqh.

Well I'm a professional guitar player ,eg. I do it for a living , so I'm well aware of Malmsteen. I have a friend who played in his band so I also have heard some interesting Yngwie tales. As far as him being the most technical guitar player I wouldn't agree with that , might be in the top 5 of "rock" guitar players though , from a technique standpoint. Might...
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Germany is not a small market. It's a part of many european countries and when you combine them you get a very large market to sell your or 3rd party games on.

One example:

X360 was and still is leading PS3 in UK. PS3 is leading X360 in every other european countries.

GTA5(X360)UK+France sales < GTA5(PS3)UK+France sales. This is despite GTA5(PS3) being outsold by GTA5(360) in UK by a large margin.
Now add all of the rest european GTA5 sales(in favour of PS3) and Rockstar made more money on PS3.

Now that PS4 is leading even in UK and Xbox One does not have 14 months head-start, also being more expensive(ala PS3 initially )and weaker...you can clearly see the bad situation Microsoft is in.

By shrinking Xbox marketshare in Europe, Microsoft is putting itself in a very bad spot with 3rd parties. PS4 versions of mutiplatforms outselling their Xbox One counterparts massively is not a good sign.
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