Are you going to get PvZ Garden Warfare?

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When they said it was an arcade style title for half the price of a full game then yeah. But now it's jumped to full price...

It's $40

that's kind of nuts but I am under the impression that this the version to get as opposed to the iphone/ipad versions, which have microtransactions or something?

the phone/tablet games are tower defense games. as in, hordes of zombies come down set tracks, and you have to set up defenses (plants) in a grid that attack the zombies as they move down the tracks, in order to defend your base.

garden warfare is a completely different genre. this game is a multiplayer, 3rd person (over the shoulder) shooter.

I was planning on buying this, but things have come up and money is getting tighter so I don't have as much to spend on any ol' game. I plan on buying titanfall on day one, so pvz is going to have to take a back seat, unfortunately.
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I'm buying this if only to have a fresh splitscreen experience for when friends come over
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Yup yup
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I was planning on day 1 but now it's a "later when I get the money". I have other games that take priority now. I only have one old friend with a damn Xbox One and he doesn't want it.. and since it has 2 competitive modes, and 1 co-op mode.. with no single player I decided yea.. just rather wait until later.

I don't get this mentality at all. No friends with game=equals no buy. Just make some new friends when playing online.
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Day one buy

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Nope... I wish it well though...
In this drought, I'm glad to see anything come out...
...I'm going to hold out for Thief...not excited about that either but it's SOMETHING
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Yes, but only for Xbox One. I dont own a gaming PC and the PS4 controller is garbage.
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I'm surprised how many people said no...

I don't think any of them have a clue that the game looks like call of duty or battlefield 4.

As far as they know the game still looks like the old 2d phone game.

I saw the E3 reveal and gameplay so I know what it is and what it looks like. I'm just not interested in playing it.
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I will.

Anyone know if the preorder bonus card packs are the fancy ones or the crappy ones?
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It looks even better than Titanfall, IMO.
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