Goodbye Left 4 Dead. Hello Evolve.

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User Info: DolemiteXP

3 years ago#21
Meh, I'll need to see a lot more than that to be impressed. Looks pretty basic to me.
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User Info: lnfested_Zombie

3 years ago#22
Day 1 buy.
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User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#23
120N7 posted...
lunaticcore posted...
Nothing about this game makes me want to not be excited for a new Left 4 Dead.

It looks awesome, but not forget about L4D3 awesome.

QFT. Still waiting for a L4D3 reveal. Can't comd soon enough!
is turtle rock working on both?

User Info: R1KM4N

3 years ago#24
Looks awesome. More than likely a day 1 buy!
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User Info: thasnipermaster

3 years ago#25
sunday bump
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User Info: necro00

3 years ago#26
The community will make or break this game
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