C/D: If Titanfall doesn't help drive console sales, a price drop is needed

#11hollow-sasukePosted 2/11/2014 7:39:22 PM
Bladin posted...
Why do people act like it's selling poorly? Even if the ps4 outsells it... it doesn't mean it's a failure.

Zomggiizzee they both could succeeded wowziee

It's all about reassurance. X1 players want it to be widely known that their is a reason to own an X1 over a PS4. It's, in other words, fanboyism, which is tide to ones own self-esteem. If people think negatively about the X1, the fanboys will subsequently reflect that onto themselves. It's console war bs propaganda. Both TF and X1 will and have sold well. Everything else is just moronic banter. I for one don't care what people think. i bought and X1 to play KI, if other games such as TF happen to appear down the line i'll try it. Simple as that.
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A price drop is already coming, and that's not a rumor or speculation. Its a fact....
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Jedi454 posted...
It's okay, the TC is just poor.

Jedi454 posted...
It's good and all owning a next gen system, but we need a F2P title like the guys on the Ps4 have. I can't really afford to buy anymore games at the moment, so i've been switching mostly to my 360 to play backlog as game prices for XB1 haven't hit a significant drop yet.

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It needs to drop either way, kinectless model please?
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