Investors want Microsoft's new CEO to kill Xbox

#1samuraigaidenPosted 2/11/2014 8:24:43 PM
Two influential Microsoft shareholders have been pushing the Redmond software giant to abandon what they view as non-essential product lines so that Microsoft can focus on its core strength: selling enterprise software to businesses. Nadella has spent the last seven months running Microsoft's $20 billion server and tools division, so he could be ideally suited to manage that transition.

#2Foxx3kPosted 2/11/2014 8:28:15 PM
It's a valid concern for the investor to raise.

Microsoft's strength isn't really in hardware. Surface and WP8 seem to indicate that pretty strongly. I seem to recall that under Microsoft's structure, their Xbox division isn't profitable. I don't know if that's because Surface and WP8 and Bing are all wrapped up in that or not.

Just because Xbox has a lot of fans and is a decent product doesn't mean that's it's profitable or that it's good for Microsoft's strategic plan, or what investors want that strategic plan to be.

Frankly, I doubt Microsoft will dump the Xbox brand. I can picture Amazon or Google or Apple (probably not Apple) or something gobbling it up in a worst case scenario.
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Oh look, another troll topic and another troll account to throw into the ignore list. Fantastic.
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Decimator11 posted...
Oh look, another troll topic and another troll account to throw into the ignore list. Fantastic.

Well, that was a fast burnout.
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samuraigaiden posted...
Well, that was a fast burnout.

Lawlz. Interesting read TC.
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It's funny. When I posted a blog thread like his, where there were estimates of Sony going bankrupt in 2 years, it was taken down for off topic posting. When I asked the moderator why, he said because I posted a blog as news.

Anyway they can't kill the Xbox, so the story is irrelevant. It's doing well and has an established fan base. Does anyone expect MS to just say **** it, we're sorry but a couple of share holders don't want us doing this any more.

Give me a break, troll.
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kill xbox as in destroy the brand? no
selling the brand? possible
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Yes, let's definitely get rid of one of the most successful company brands. That won't end badly at all. No negative press there, for sure.
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Yeah this has been posted multiple times and from what we know they are profiting with Xbox. That's what has been shown. Just like it was shown when they weren't.
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read topic as "Investors want to kill microsoft's new ceo"

im like, damn..
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