Favorite type of hero

#1SrgtStalkerPosted 2/11/2014 9:38:28 PM(edited)
Now I know this isn't directly gaming related but I was bored and curious.

What's your favorite type of hero/ine? Like the classic hero/ine, tragic hero/ine, anti-hero/ine, etc?

What kind do you prefer the main character to be as in games or how do you make yourself in rpgs?
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#2aszsithPosted 2/11/2014 9:41:19 PM
Hiro...no wait, Peter Patrelli...no definitely Hiro
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#3motoraptorPosted 2/11/2014 9:49:43 PM
The silent but deadly protagonist. On his own, he's dead. When given orders to do the impossible, he's deadly.

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aszsith posted...
Hiro...no wait, Peter Patrelli...no definitely Hiro

I actually enjoyed that series, heard it's supposed to be coming back.
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#5skermacPosted 2/11/2014 9:53:09 PM
Someone like Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Sherry Birkin.
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#6aj4x94Posted 2/11/2014 9:57:15 PM
Tragic hero. The guy who fights in the name of good, but loses everything during the course of his journey
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#71nternationa7Posted 2/11/2014 10:06:36 PM
Also going for the Tragic hero. A hero that sacrifices everything for a bunch of ungrateful louts who turn on him when it's convenient. Then I get to have vengeance in the sequel.
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#8Mvsevm_of_SkinPosted 2/11/2014 10:11:37 PM
Vic Mackey ("The Shield"), Will Graham (<u>Red Dragon</u>), Rusty Cohle ("True Detective"), Bruce Wayne (Batman), the Hallowed One (Dark Souls), Wesley Dodds (Sandman), Bud White (L.A. Confidential), Max Payne (Max Payne), and Dr. Tony Hill ("The Wire in the Blood"), just to name a few.

Basically, anyone whose strength is their weakness, and vice versa. Someone who gets the job done for the sake of others, but walks that fine line of morality. A person with reality based demons, and real life reactions, who is never infallible, but always driven.
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#9krystylaPosted 2/11/2014 10:21:38 PM(edited)
Let me begin with saying I hate fairy tale, goody-two-shoes heroes. Who are like:

'Well this guy was about to kill hundreds of people but I've beat him so he'll learn his lesson this time... 3 time's the charm.'

Anti-heroes are annoying as they often are whiny emos who are being taken advantage of because of some sob story.

My favourite heroes are those that get things done and are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good and take responsibility for it.
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#10-Oath-Posted 2/11/2014 10:33:56 PM
Batman type.

He is a genius. He has unlimited resources. He definitely gets things done. He shows no mercy, but he doesn't kill.

Batman doesn't consider himself a hero. Batman doesn't expect anything in return.

No matter what people say about him, I have a lot of respect for his character. We need people like Batman in our world.
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